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Power-full Partners, Products and Systems

  • Power Systems Consultation and Design
  • Specification Review
  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Battery Replacement
  • On-Site Service & Maintenance
  • UPSs, Rotary UPSs
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Alternatives to traditional power distribution
  • Monitoring and Management Software
  • Switchgear, Static Switches and ATS)

CPG's Electrical Division is Schneider Electric's Advanced Solutions Partner for the Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas. We begin with the end in mind: a data center electrical design that offers maximum performance and efficiency; and one that offers the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and delivers performance that is sustainable and maintainable. CPG works with you to develop an electrical system strategy that reduces power consumption and increases reliability.

We take care to build-in the appropriate amount of redundancy. Our total cost of ownership approach to component selection weighs capital expenses against long-term operating costs. And our holistic approach to mission-critical power systems design results in the hallmarks of CPG-powered data center: reliability, efficiency, affordability and maintainability.

Our Partners
CPG partners are the best of the best. We carefully evaluate products and systems for reliability, efficiency and ROI. Only the mission-critical industry’s most respected manufacturers are selected as CPG-approved. Our manufacturers include:





CPG Electrical - the Power Professionals
From server closets and mega-clouds, right-sizing electrical infrastructure is the key to efficiency, affordability, reliability and agility. Trust your facility to the Mid-Atlantic’s premier provider of mission-critical power products and systems, Capitol Power Group.

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