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Capitol Power, Inc. (CPI) is premier provider of critical power solutions in the mid-Atlantic, Carolinas and Pacific Northwest. Representing the industry’s leading manufacturers of critical power products and systems, CPI specializes in end-to-end design, procurement, installation and integration of power systems precision engineered for your precise needs ...

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Capitol Air Solutions (CAS) provides mission-critical environmental systems that maximize uptime, protect IT equipment, extend product longevity, and increase energy efficiency. From system design and specification, to product procurement and testing, to installation and maintenance, CAS environmental strategies reduce downtime, lower operating cost ...

Capitol Power Service (CPS), the operations and maintenance division of CPG, provides full lifecycle mission-critical facilities support services. From UPS systems to precision cooling to generators, the CPS team provides the comprehensive on-site services that help prevent unnecessary disruption and ensure optimum performance. 24x7x365, our technicians ...


The Capitol Power Group of companies provides full lifecycle mission-critical infrastructure solutions to some of the world’s most demanding Fortune 1000 companies, as well as IT-dependent firms of all sizes. Capitol Power Group solutions deliver the electrical and environmental products and services needed to efficiently and reliably power, protect, and operate the most mission-critical facilities on Earth ... learn more.